About Nodis

New Social Network

Most social networks prioritize turning your attention, time, and information into profit. We built a network to help you make meaningful and valuable connections.
Truly benefit from your social networking experience from now on!

New ways to Connect

Most social media are built on the premise that a fulfilling human connection happens when you see a picture or a video or a short trivial post. Is attention, information, opinion, jokes, highlights of the day or gifts, Nodis is built so you get to both give and receive, and feel good about it.

Call-Response Framework

Our Call-Response framework is how we add meaning to networking. Here's an example:

Alice creates a Call, asking for recommendations for movie she should be watching. Bob creates a response with a selection of the latest blockbusters. Carol's response rather suggests some classics worth watching or (re-watching). Kevin lists out some independent more modest but no less entertaining films he fell in love with. The result? Alice (and the community) gets a ton of interesting suggestions. Bob, Carol, and Kevin get rewarded for their responses. Meaningful connections are made.

Get the App

We released our first version of the app, so you can download it and sign up. We're adding features as we go so give us some feedback too.